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Insurance Information


Are we contracted providers with your insurance plan?


The following list is available as a quick reference guide and does not guarantee participation and coverage for a patient’s specific insurance policy.  Insurance plans we generally accept as contracted (in-network) providers include:

  • The Alliance

  • Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield

  • Dean Health Plan

  • Medical Assistance/BadgerCare (non-managed care plans)

  • Medical Assistance/BadgerCare-Care WI

  • Medical Assistance/BadgerCare Plus-Dean Health

  • Medicare (Part B)

  • Medicare Advantage-Care Wisconsin

  • Medicare Advantage-Dean Health

  • Quartz (excluding Quartz Medicare Advantage & BadgerCare plans)

  • United Healthcare (for therapy only)

  • WPS

​​To verify if a Counseling Resources Neuropsychological Associates (CRNA) service provider is contracted with a patient’s specific insurance plan/policy, please call the customer service number listed on the patient’s insurance card. The insurance carrier may ask for our clinic tax ID number in order to locate and verify in-network status for any of our clinicians, that Tax ID # is 39-2039338. 

Reminder/Tip: When calling insurance to check on who the patient may obtain services from, also check on preauthorization requirements for the service you are requesting and obtain an understanding of the policy benefits.

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