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Make a Payment

Click here to make an online payment 24/7, or contact our Office Manager at (608) 242-7160 ext 221 to make a payment by phone.

Amount to Pay

Refer to the balance due printed on your itemized medical billing account statement for your current balance due.  This balance does not include any service fees still in processing at insurance but is the amount due from the patient/responsible party personally.  If you don't have a statement or have questions about the amount you owe, call our contracted professional billing service, TR Billing, directly at 1-262-706-3391 (Mon-Thurs from 8 am to 3 pm) for assistance.  You are not able to log into your billing account from this website.

Payment Confirmation - A receipt for your online payment will be emailed to you.  A monthly billing account statement will not automatically generate reflecting payments for any account reduced to a zero balance.

​Refunds/Returns - All sales are final. If you have a payment question or feel you have made a payment in error, contact Tracy at TR Billing at 1-262-706-3391.  Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis.  We will be happy to research & respond to your questions or concerns.  If further assistance is needed you may also contact our Office Manager at (608) 242-7160 ext 221.


Credit/debit card information is used for the defined purpose of processing your credit card transaction in payment or refund of medical services provided at this clinic, and is not kept on file, sold or shared by CRNA.  Information entered during processing is used for a single card transaction only; card numbers are not accessible to CRNA or kept on file for future transactions or repetitive monthly payments.  Thus, each card transaction requires complete entry of personal and card information for processing to occur. 

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